Creating an online presence


The Yellow Jelly Digital process to build you a website is a very simple and straightforward one.


After the initial meeting, the dev team will plan the site structure and discuss content. This stage brings together all the assets for the site including text, images, video, links, SEO, sitemaps, wireframing, and visitor journeys. During this stage, the design team explores potential CMS themes that may answer the brief. This helps reduce the overall cost-of-a-build and the savings can be used to improve content through increased social media activities.


Layouts are designed for key pages, which include responsive options. Often as flat visuals before final approval, at which point they are created as layered PSD files and made ready for the build stage.


Site build works in two phases. First the build team set-up a dev site on an agreed server. Then the dev team creates a structure for the site and develops on-page SEO (we discuss a summarised SEO process later in this post) and start the main build of the site, in line with the approved design.


Now the new site has started to take shape, we enter the test stage testing all functionality and internal linking, proof-reading and fixing any outstanding design/build snags. There will be typically a few ‘Snag lists’ to work through during this stage.

Go live

This is the move from dev mode to live server mode hooking up Analytics and other reporting tools. We also perform speed tests, fine-tuning and performance optimising on the live site. Once your site has gone live, there are two weeks of post-live technical support as standard.

If you are thinking of improving your current website or would like us to quote for a new bespoke website please feel free to contact us using the Yellow Jelly Digital contact form on this website.

“Working with Yellow Jelly is a pleasure.  Their collaborative approach on all aspects of our website, social and marketing support has been invaluable and it has made a huge difference having a capable pair of hands we can rely on.   They have great ideas and  provide an excellent sounding board.” Marketing Manager, Bloomsbury Wealth

SEO Process

With SEO if you are not in the top 5 results on keyword searches you are effectively invisible. At Yellow Jelly Digital we have developed a SEARCH FRAMEWORK which explores SEO for new or existing online presence. It’s made up of 5 key steps. In brief, it answers questions like; Who is the user? What are they searching for? Why are they searching for it? This helps to determine what type of content will give the user, what they are looking for and which platforms the content will live on. Once optimized for the users there will be what we call a gentle nudge or soft call-to-action. What is the next action we want the user to take?

If you would like more details about how we can improve your SEO on your current website or would like us to quote for a new one please feel free to contact us using the Yellow Jelly Digital contact form on this website. Or book one of our free one-to-one sessions at The Marketing Surgery we run at WeWork London, 8 Devonshire Square near Liverpool Street. You can register here…