The Jelly Baby Playbook

Last updated: 14th December 2021. What is a social media strategy? It’s a plan that incorporates social media platforms into business marketing goals.

Yellow Jelly, as part of The Marketing Surgery, has helped a number of clients navigate through the terrain of social media, incorporating various possible strategies and approaches. However social media is not a one size fits all policy. With every client we assess their business to discover which social platforms suit their needs the most. It is far better to, not only utilize social media but focus on the platforms that can create and build upon a brand profile.

Before we start on the strategic element, we conduct a Social Media Audit. The audit is the point of the process where we explore any existing social media efforts, while also working with the marketing team to gather information about possible influencers, customers and competitors. This allows SM team at Yellow Jelly to find areas to improve, but also to identify a number of possible strategies moving forward. The strategy should be guided by the overall business objectives, complementing existing ones and planting the seeds for the future.

Social media is the perfect tool to communicate key messages to stakeholders, and when done right can create a fruitful online presence.

Another important factor is the planning of key dates and timelines. This allows for the proper use of time when planning social media activities that complement those of the business. With this in mind, we create a comprehensive content calendar/playbook as part of the plan.

Once we have set-up the studio and team, Yellow Jelly will create social media guidelines and policy (if you don’t already have one) as part of the playbook. This is vital, as consistency is key to long-term success. Included is a critical response plan, this is to deal with a negative event or customer experience effectively with an overarching company voice. Now we are ready to start. Would you like to know more?

Our team were appointed to run the Community Management of Fingopay’s social platforms. In under 3 months, the team achieved over 400% growth in Twitter follower count, 2200% increase in engagements and with a post reach increase of 56K to 121K. Fingopay is a fresh way to pay. It is the most secure way to prove identity, using only a finger. The reader uses Hitachi biometric VeinID technology that creates fascinating (and useful) 3D maps of unique vein patterns.

“Love the work they’ve done and great to work with as a team. Their support is fast and reliable. 5 stars all round from us.” PR Client

The Pets As Therapy PR team asked our social media team to assist on a six-month retainer, focussing on the growth of their community. In under 6 months, the studio achieved 98% growth in Twitter follower count, resulting in a 2000% increase in engagement. Their other main social network, Facebook, saw growth of 17% over the same period to achieve a page like count of over 11,000.

Goodies Food Hall was a Yellow Jelly client we helped transform from a country farm shop into a re-branded restaurant, Food Hall and place of destination on the outskirts of Norwich. Part of the re-brand process was to launch them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This we achieved with great success with various paid and organic social media activities. We also trained them to manage their social media platforms and community locally. Sometimes customers have been turned away due to the success and popularity of their restaurant. We #MadeITaGoodie

“The collaborative approach on all aspects of our website, social and marketing has been invaluable. They have great ideas and provide an excellent sounding board. Working with them is a pleasure.” Wealth Management Client

We recently assisted on a series of social media activities for Globepay Ltd and Starpay Ltd. As agents in Europe for WeChat Pay and Alipay we helped launch their payment platform in retail outlets across the UK. If you would like to discuss your social media requirements in more detail, please contact Mark Casey for a coffee at our London, Devonshire Square Studio near Liverpool Street.