Forwood Design

The British-designed products by Forwood Design are high-end designs often found in exclusive hotels and residencies.

Yellow Jelly Digital and the Marketing Surgery were appointed as their Content Creation Studio. Creating original content for Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Mailchimp broadcasts.

Results: Pinterest’s unique monthly views for the Forwood Design brand increased from 5K to 910K within 6 months. Both Pinterest and Instagram paid and organic social media campaigns help increase monthly traffic to the e-commerce site. The success of the campaigns also led to close working relationships and the suppling of high-end interior designers and retail outlets on a global level.

The success of the social media activities and content creation led to the complete management of their online presence. The team created a Facebook Shop which lead to the launch of their successful Instagram Shop. A series of monthly Google Adwords campaigns were created to increase traffic further.

As well as producing their photography and all video assets the team was made responsible for the day-to-day running and managing of all of the online presence and digital assets for the Forwood Design brand.