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Bloomsbury Wealth

Bloomsbury Wealth is a successful London based multi-award winning wealth management and financial planning ’boutique’. Fully independent they specialise in working with successful self-made people.

Yellow Jelly & Partners assist the management team with the look and feel of their outbound and inbound digital marketing. The web team helped manage their wealth app, the social media team set-up and trained them on how to create content for their social media activities.

Yellow Jelly & Partners encouraged their digital transformation and created a series of short films launching their YouTube Channel and was behind the launch of the FT Guide to Wealth Management. Today in 2019 Yellow Jelly & Partners provide creative and technical support for all of their digital assets.

“Working with Yellow Jelly & Partners is a pleasure.  Their collaborative approach on all aspects of our social media and marketing support has been invaluable and it has made a huge difference having a capable pair of hands we can rely on. They have great ideas and provide an excellent sounding board.”

Elaine McErlean,
Marketing Manager
at Bloomsbury Wealth