Bloomsbury Wealth

Bloomsbury Wealth is a successful London based multi-award winning wealth management and financial planning ’boutique’. Fully independent they specialise in working with successful self-made people. The Bloomsbury Financial Comfort System™ makes managing private wealth feel easy, simple and purposeful.

Yellow Jelly & Partners work closing with the marketing department to assist with all aspects of their outbound and inbound marketing. The team helped manage their wealth app, set-up and trained them on how to create content for their social media activities.

The social team created a series of short films and was behind the launch of the FT Guide to Wealth Management. Our second Bloomsbury Wealth website was launched in November 2017. Today we provide support for all of their digital assets.

“Working with Yellow Jelly is a pleasure.  Their collaborative approach on all aspects of our social media and marketing support has been invaluable and it has made a huge difference having a capable pair of hands we can rely on.   They have great ideas and  provide an excellent sounding board.”

Elaine McErlean,
Marketing Manager
at Bloomsbury Wealth