The team at Yellow & Jelly Partners are often asked to pitch for new business. It’s not always a given you will be on the winning team – which means the ideas don’t see the light of day. Above was a pitch for a rebrand for a UK based delivery company. The designs were taken to the final stage pitch. Sadly it was not a win. But here is a taste of some other non-pitch winners the team have carried out.

Yellow Jelly & Partners design team found themselves to the final round for Ministry of Sound Ibiza Album cover.
Fingers were crossed, here is a selection of the designs presented.



The cyber attack division of BAe Systems asked the YJ&P creative team to pitch for a series of graphics required for their image bank – they were presented a series of initial ideas, which were well received, including jelly babies. This was a perfect brief for Yellow Jelly & Partners and inspired them to create a series of graphics for our own social media image bank. If you would like to chat how we might be able to help your brand or brands, please feel free to contact us.

Latest update 2018: Seven years old, WOW! – these ideas still work but would probably now be executed on different platforms. Record covers maybe, animations on social media and the side of the delivery trucks. We are always up for a challenge. If you are reading this let’s have a chat over coffee.



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