Social Media

At Yellow Jelly Digital, we foster a belief that a strong social media presence is not just desired, but essential for any business. YJ creates and manages content for a brand’s online community; producing well written and visually impactful posts across all platforms. Constant evolution and interaction are key, in order to maintain engagement across every social channel. That’s why in addition to our social media community management, we’ve built paid social media and social media customer service packages.

Brand Identity

Identifying visual language, personality and potential engagement is essential for a brand’s online development. This involves exploration in all aspects of visual representation, be it through content creation, colour analysis, photography, film or graphic illustration. Once this is established, it can be applied to all aspects of a brand’s online visual experience.


We love all things tech and with a network of innovative partners, Yellow Jelly Digital can efficiently source a depth of creative insight and analysis. This can define clear directions, values and positioning required to establish new brands or revitalise existing ones. Today everything is media and ideas can come from anywhere, that’s why we believe constant collaboration with new technology helps generate effective solutions. The Marketing Surgery is a step to further enhance our connection with creative specialists. 



Yellow Jelly Digital constantly evolves, experiments with new ideas and improves its processes – to bring together the skills and insights required within an ever changing digital world. Today, our real passion is to explore, nurture and build strong relationships with our clients through creativity across the communication landscape.



Yellow Jelly Digital has cultivated collaborations globally, bringing our creative process to clients who need it, regardless of borders. We have built a durable network that harbours a natural flow between creative and strategic thinkers. Collaborating in such a way, maintains the fluidity, freshness and diversity of YJ clients and projects.