A social media strategy is a plan that incorporates social media into a business.

Before we start on the strategic element, we conduct what is called a Social Media Audit. This is where we explore your existing social media efforts wile at the same time work with the marketing team to gather information about customers and competitors.

Strategy should be guided by goals that contribute to the business objectives. We set these goals by way of objectives, KPIs and key messages.

Most importantly key dates and timelines for the year are essential when planning social media activities. We create a comprehensive content calendar/playbook with this in mind as part of the plan.

Once we have set-up your social studio team, they will check/create the SM guidelines and policy (if you don’t already have one) as part of the playbook. This will also include a critical response plan to deal with a negative event or customer experience. Now we are ready to start. Would you like to know more?